myXj1mOvA prominent Muslim MP has stressed the need for the Jewish and Muslim communities to have more interaction with each other, in order to break down barriers that shouldn’t exist but do.

Sadiq Khan MP was speaking at an event organised by London Jewish Forum (LJF), and shared his thoughts on the issues of the day, including immigration, community cohesion, citizenship and anti-Semitism.

Khan also spoke about Labour leader Ed Miliband’s controversial comments on Israel this summer, in which he criticised the Israel Defence Forces for launching a ground assault against Gaza.

“It was an impressive wide-ranging discussion with one of the leading figures in British politics, a discussion we need to continue,” said LJF chairman Adrian Cohen.

LJF trustee Andrew Gilbert chaired the event, which was attended by elected Jewish councillors and representatives from the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust.