Britain’s most northerly Jewish community has managed to raise £10,000 to save its synagogue following severe flood damage from a faulty washing machine.

The Dee Street shul in Aberdeen shut in August owing to the damage, and has since sought to raise the money for the repair work, with donations coming in from all over the world.

In a touching example of inter-communal cooperation, Aberdeen’s mosque gave the shul dozens of chairs so the city’s Jewish community could continue holding services, before it reopens next year.

Mark Taylor, president of Aberdeen Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre, told the BBC: “We now have reached our £10,000 target. We will get it fixed and we will continue to have a Jewish community in Aberdeen.”

Board of Deputies’ president Jonathan Arkush said: “This is wonderful news. Well done to the synagogue for a successful campaign and to everyone who contributed.”

Aberdeen Synagogue after the flood

Aberdeen Synagogue after the flood