Rabbi Joseph Dwek addressing the guests (Credit: Blake Ezra)

Rabbi Joseph Dwek addressing the guests (Credit: Blake Ezra)

More than 300 people helped mark the induction of two new Sephardi rabbis.

On the final day of Chanukah, the S&P Sephardi community’s Bevis Marks shul hosted the ceremony for two new Rabbis, Daniel Kada of Wembley and Shalom Morris of Bevis Marks.


(Credit: Blake Ezra)

Guests heard from the two new inductees, in addition to Senior Rabbi Joseph Dweck during the event on Sunday night. 

A Sephardi choir and children’s choir also featured during the candlelit ceremony. 

Also in attendance was the  head of the Sephardi Beth Din, Dayan Yaron Navon.

Rabbi Dweck,  commented “I am delighted to have the merit of working with a new and energised ecclesiastical staff. Rabbis Kada and Morris, along with Dayan Navon, bring further passion, wisdom and strength to the S&P Sephardi community. The induction highlights the great spiritual growth and progress of the UK’s Sephardim within the greater Jewish community.”

The two new inductees

The two new inductees (Credit: Blake Ezra)