More than 10,000 people have now signed a petition calling for Amber Rudd to ban Hezbollah entirely.

The campaign for the Home Secretary to outlaw the organisation completely gathered storm following the controversial Al Quds Day march in June.

Rudd said she’d look into banning the annual demonstration and proscribing the whole of Hezbollah as a terrorist group. Under current legislation, Britain outlaws the military wing of Hezbollah but not its political wing – even though leaders of the group suggest they are one and the same.

During the march through central London, demonstrators were advised to pin messages to Hezbollah flags stating that they were showing support for the political wing of the group.

Since the Al Quds Day march, figures from the Labour and Conservative parties have called for the whole of the organisation to be banned.

Christians United for Israel UK (CUFI UK) who set up the petition, urged Rudd to ban the group and say “no to terror”. You can view the petition here.

CUFI UK Executive Director, Des Starritt, said: “Hezbollah is an anti-Israel, anti-West organisation that should not be allowed in Britain, yet last week its supporters marched through central London flying Hezbollah flags.”

“If Britain is to genuinely say ‘no to terror’ then all terrorist organisations must be banned without compromise. Following the Arab League and United States in proscribing Hezbollah is one simple step that the UK Government can take in ensuring that extremism will not be tolerated in this country.”