Matzah-making went mobile around London this week, as Jewish bakers visited schools and community centres to give young and old the chance to make their own Pesach staple.

Experts from Tzivos Hashem went on tour with their Model Matzah Bakery, showing participants how to start off by winnowing and separating the wheat kernels, then grinding the grain in a hand-driven wheat mill.

Eager matzah-makers were then taught to sift the flour, make the dough and then bake their own matzot – all under the pressure of the 18 minute time limit.

“You really feel as if you are in a real Matzah Bakery, with a well for Mayim Shelanu (the guarded water used for baking matzot), a mill stone for grinding the wheat and the different cubicles for water, flour and kneading,” said Rabbi Yossi Simon of Tzivos Hashem UK.

He said many community members remember making matzvah as children, and the influence it had on them, and said the initiative sought to recreate that. “Everyone is dressed like bakers, with hats and aprons on. It helps Pesach come to life.”