Chakula with Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein

Chakula with Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein

Given that they work in the Knesset and look and act like muppets, you might say that the cast of this new Israeli children’s series have gone method in their quest to inject some fun into political education.

Starring puppets Hipster and Chakula, ‘Honorable Knesset’ will feature episodes on the legislative process, Knesset committees, the Green Knesset project and the female members of the Israeli legislature.

Comedian Don Navon and actress Dana Semo – both playing political reporters – will be the pair’s human foils.


Hipster and Chakula are the stars of the twelve part series

House speaker Yuli Edelstein said the Knesset’s stated goal of helping to educate Israelis about the values of democracy was the impetus for the unlikely kids’ hit – which makes its debut on September 20.

Edelstein said: “With the help of Chakula and Hipster, we found a creative and entertaining way to do it.

“The project is another way to encourage the younger generation to be involved citizens who want to have an influence on the future of Israel, using democratic tools.”