Israel’s incoming ambassador to the UK has spoken of his “great honour” at presenting his formal Letters of Credence to the Queen.

Mark Regev submitted the letters which confirmed his “diplomatic credentials, and affirmed the deep ties” between the UK and Israel.

The Queen accredited him as Ambassador of Israel to the Court of St. James’s, before Regev said: “Israel and the United Kingdom are partners and allies. The strong co-operation between our two democracies serves to make both our peoples more prosperous and more secure.”

In his first interview with the Jewish News earlier this month, the new envoy revealed that Britain and Israel are working together on plans for a public celebration of the Balfour declaration’s centenary.

The Ambassador  said he was looking forward to what will be a “huge” milestone with special events in both countries in the months leading up to the anniversary next November.

Israel's ambassador Mark Regev (center) and deputy envoy Ethan Na'eh (right) with their wives

Israel’s ambassador Mark Regev (center) and deputy envoy Ethan Na’eh (right) with their wives

Benjamin Netanyahu’s long-time spokesman said: “It’s being taken very seriously at the highest levels. We’re hoping to do a public celebration together with the British government with senior leadership from both sides uniting to celebrate Balfour.

“It’s a crucial, historic document. The Balfour declaration is a manifestation of the principles of self-determination of the Jewish people and there’s every reason to celebrate. We’re doing celebrations here and in Israel and I’m looking forward to it. It’s an important milestone.”