Eyal Booker has been saddled with a new moniker. Not content with meshing his name with that of his disinterested streaky blonde partner Hayley to create ‘HayAl’, commentator Iain Stirling has now nicknamed him the Buddha of Bushey!

Cheeky, but it’s no bad thing as every island needs someone or something to believe in and as the former JFS pupil turned model is the only contestant with half a brain, why shouldn’t it be him?

Only problem is, Hayley has no brain at all and try as he might  to enlighten her, this girl who claims to have three A-levels (one of them must be in make-up application) just doesn’t get him.

During a spiritual heart-to-heart lying on a sun bed, Eyal told Hayley about his belief in not God, but an ethereal being – that light within that creates an aura.

“What’s an aura?” murmured the bemused Barbie who moments later asked if Eyal’s spirituality meant he could see ghosts. “No,” he laughed, which disappointed Hayley.

“Some people can!” she said indignantly.

But you have to hand it to Eyal who has been consistently polite, genial and placatory to this woman who makes Geordie Shore look like University Challenge.

Not once has he mocked her, though admittedly he wasn’t privy to her thoughts on Brexit – the end of trees and holidays in Spain – which have been much repeated in the news.

Sadly Eyal’s kind nature has been his undoing. When it came to eviction night Hayley who can’t even bear to listen to Eyal breathing, went into serious schmooze-mode, and he fell for it.

One grudging kiss and a restrained bedtime embrace was all the curly-haired chap got for saving Hayley from being culled and then she was back to berating him behind his back.

Fortunately Eyal has a loyal friend in Wes who put him straight. No one messes with the Buddha of Bushey least of all Barbie.