#LoveIsland: Eyal Booker searches for meaning – but not in a dictionary!

#LoveIsland: Eyal Booker searches for meaning – but not in a dictionary!

We follow former JFS boy-turned-model Eyal Booker as he struts his stuff and shakes his luscious locks to attract female attention on ITV2’s Love Island...

Brigit Grant is the Jewish News Supplements Editor

The anticipation was tangible. A former JFS boy from Bushey was about to walk down the pool steps on Love Island and the community was watching. Those who would otherwise turn over to avoid the saucy ITV reality show, now in its fourth series, were eager to see one of our own beating off the competition, albeit dressed only in shorts and a necklace.

And Eyal Booker didn’t disappoint. In his video, he was bronzed, bubbly and bouncy (like his hair) and described himself as ‘spiritual’. He then danced with an inflated rainbow bagel while announcing he liked a woman who cracked the whip in the bedroom, “both literally and metaphorically”.

Clearly a hit at first sight with the female contestants, three stepped forward to be chosen. But Eyal only had eyes for statuesque Hayley in the fuschia bikini, who is a dead ringer for Scouse model Abby Clancy, and despite her struggling to say her suitor’s name.

“How d’ya say it?” she giggled, before attempting every combination from Ee-al to ElAl. Frankly, she could have called him ‘Ted’ as Eyal had gone all gooey-eyed over the hot blonde. Luckily, blondes with big eyes are his type, he told Hayley, before adding that he likes girls who “have depth and aren’t superficial”. “What does superficial mean?” she asked. “You’re testing me now,” laughed Eyal, who should definitely avoid using “metaphorical” in the bedroom if he wants to keep Hayley.

The next day, progress. Eyal and Hayley have been adorned with celebrity status, by meshing their names into one. Now known as HaYal – as in “Hey Al“ – things didn’t go well for our curly-haired hero when he said the show was a game, but he doesn’t have a game plan.

Hayley, who struggles to understand words with more than two syllables, seemed unconvinced, before telling  the others she no longer finds “Eygal” attractive.

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