GROUPLoughborough Jsoc participated in the annual Faith Fest at Loughborough university – with free doughnuts and bissli for everyone.

Chair of the Jsoc, outlined that “Interfaith day was a fantastic opportunity to really broadcast our religion and educate students about the interesting and enjoyable aspects of Judaism. The fact that people now know about Judaism is brilliant and we hope to continue our good relationship with the Centre of Faith and Spirituality in the future”. 

food 2

A visit from the local primary school, Outwood Edge Primary School got rid of most of the doughnuts, and the children were extremely interested in what Judaism meant to the members, which included Francesca Lewis, David Meyer and Oliver Davis. 


The mayor and mayoress of Loughborough also visited, and received a breakdown of the story of Chanukah from the chair, Esther Malkinson.


Free grape juice was on offer and a resounding cheer of L’chaim rang through the building.