A radical plan by TfL — Transport for London — to redevelop Golders Green station, which would have included the dismantling of the iconic clock tower, has been stopped in its tracks after major local opposition.

The clock tower is a war memorial, erected in 1923. In recognition of the high numbers of Jewish servicemen who died in the First World War, it was decided not to use religious symbols, but to put up a four-sided clock tower instead.

The original TfL proposals envisaged a covered bus station with flats and offices above, and the dismantling and relocation of the Golders Green clock tower.

But when the plans were unveiled in February there was local uproar and claims that the proposals would “vandalise the heart of Golders Green”.

A number of Barnet councillors called on City Hall and TfL to think again. New plans are now being discussed and they will continue to be monitored by councillors.

Childs Hill councillors Shimon Ryde and Peter Zinkin said: “TfL have recognised the overwhelming local opposition to their plans and have been forced to go back to the drawing board.

“While this is good news, TfL still plan to develop the station as a hub for their bus operation in north west London”.