Liberal Judaism chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich will be speaking alongside Lord Michael Cashman, Tina Beardsley, Peter Tatchell and many more important guests at a major upcoming LGBT conference.

Rabbi Danny Rich

Rabbi Danny Rich

The Cutting Edge Consortium is holding its 2014 Conference on Saturday November 1 with the theme of ‘equality and religious freedom in a changing world’.

There will be two plenary sessions, one focusing on the international context of faith based homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and the other focusing on the changing nature of LGBT activism in the UK. There will also have a panel session on the current political situation for LGBT rights in the UK and worldwide.

Speakers will include prominent LGBT campaigners, trade unionists, lawyers and academics as well as politicians and representatives from faith communities.

Speaking to the Jewish News, Rabbi Danny Rich said: “The Conference is an opportunity to remind some sectors of society that there are religious traditions which have welcomed individuals regardless of sexuality.  Liberal Judaism was one of these, and I shall speak with pride of our liturgy (Brit Ahavah) and Liberal Judaism’s leading role (with others) in ‘winning’ Equal Marriage in England & Wales and (soon) Scotland”

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The aim of the Cutting Edge Consortium is to eliminate faith based homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, and the 2014 Conference will bring together a diversity of activists campaigning for this end.