Senior leaders of Liberal Judaism have supported the launch of a ground-breaking project delving into London’s archives to detail the history of the capital’s transgender and faith identities.

The Twilight People collection will be hosted at the London Metropolitan Archives and attendees at a reception event on Thursday heard how photos, video, audio recordings, memorabilia and ritual objects all feature.

Liberal Judaism’s chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich and chair Simon Benscher joined Christian leaders and eminent historians in learning how the exhibition, launched this week, will include education packs for kids, and a board game to teach college students about gender and faith identity.

Twilight People coordinator Surat-Shaan Khan, who is Jewish, praised the hard work that went in to the 18-month Heritage Lottery-funded project, saying: “The launch of this legacy – including the archive, education pack, and a new mobile app – is very timely, as the Government, media and public at large begin to truly listen to the stories of trans- and gender-nonconforming people and the intersection of faith, religion and ethnicity.”

Rabbi Danny Rich added: “We Jews, as a historic people, know the value of an archive – especially one which explores a previously hidden history.”