Labour have denied that an activist who questioned whether synagogue security should be tax-funded, is an official aide of leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Activist Tim Lezard, was allegedly brought into the Labour leader’s inner circle as a Trade Union adviser according to Guido Fawkes. Howevera  Labour source told Jewish News: “Tim Lezard is not an adviser, either paid or unpaid, and is not and will not be employed on the General Election campaign.”

In April 2015, Lezard appeared to call for security for shuls to have its public funding pulled, due to the actions of Israel.

He wrote on Twitter: “When antisemitism rises as a result of Israel bombing Gaza, should UK tax-payers fund security for synagogues?”.

He also sent a tweet in December 2011, comparing parliamentary ‘Friends of Israel’ groups to supporting Nazism. He wrote: “I’m thinking of setting up another new campaign group. Either Conservative Friends of Nazis, or Nazi Friends of Israel. Whaddya reckon?”

Lezard also sent a string of tweets, mocking the Queen, the National Anthem, and the British Army.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 18.20.22 Tim Lezard