Israel-Palestine is a playground fight compared to India-Pakistan

Seventy years ago, British rule ended in the Indian subcontinent and two new states came into existence – Muslim Pakistan and secular Hindu-majority India.

As a direct result of this, inter-communal rioting led to the deaths of up to two million people and the wounding and maiming of many more – along with the displacement of between 10 and 12 million refugees, all of whom have been absorbed long ago into the countries to which they fled.

By comparison, the ending of the Palestine mandate led to a negligible loss of life and the displacement of a very small number – a relative school playground squabble.

Why is it that the Arab world is allowed to get away with the myth of their ‘naqba’ and hereditary refugee status?

Israel should publicise these incontrovertible facts rather than pander to lies spread by its enemies.

Martin D. Stern, Salford

More foul language at football than targeted at Jewish people

There is, of course, an alternative way of reporting the latest statistics on anti-Semitism, published by the CST which might avoid putting the frighteners on Jewish bubbes.

Out of the 280,000 Jews  in the UK, 279,233 reported no anti-Semitic incidents in the first half of 2017. Of the 767 incidents reported, 380 were verbal abuse, slightly less than could be recorded when Manchester United play Manchester City.

Another 150 were online hate crimes, somewhat less than complaints about the treatment of badgers.

There is a class of anti-Semitic incident categorised as extreme violence. This involves hospitalisation and, at worst, death. In the first half of 2017 there were no incidents at all which needed to be classified as such. Violent crimes can include a hooligan throwing an egg.

Analysing the perpetrators, only 12 incidents were put down to people of Middle Eastern appearance. Most were caused by white people.

Derek Taylor, By email


Different way to view Charlottesville riots

Reading the Jewish News [17 August], I got the impression that the editorial staff and columnists had lost their collective marbles. Else, they were too busy organising a lynching party for Mr Trump to understand what really happened.

Along with others, I see Charlottesville differently:


One bunch of thugs – racist, anti-Semitic but authorised to march, was attacked by another bunch of thugs who came prepared with weapons.

While America supports free speech, it certainly does not sanction riots.

As such, it was fitting to apportion blame fairly equally.

Compare this with the event in London, some months ago  – where another bunch of anti-Semitic thugs, comprising Arab terrorists and their left-wing bed-fellows were authorised to march through central London.

There was no attack from the extreme right, only a peaceful counter-demonstration.

It seems Jewish News contributors are 80 years behind the times: this is not the Spanish civil war – where socialists or Trotskyites were looked on favourably because they opposed fascism.

Fascists are a busted flush, their power is non-existent – it’s the left, exemplified by the leader of the Labour Party, by the university student unions and academics who are the leading anti-Semites and it is they you should fear.

Rabbi Menahem Lester, Israel

Spelling out the refugee dangers

With regard to Rabbi Menachem Lester’s letter about the dangers posed by rising refugee numbers in the UK [24 August], I would like to praise Jewish News for giving this important issue such prominence.

It was not a letter for those who wish to bury their head in the sand and kid themselves everything is rosy.

It was, however, relevant to those who are parents and grandparents, as well as the younger generation.

We have an obligation to advise the younger generation on the dangers that prevail. Rabbi Lester’s foresight and truth is there to guide us.

Nothing he wrote is new. It is all based on truth. However, putting it together so logically deserves praise indeed. Thank you, rabbi!

Michael Gordon, By email

JLC chief should resign

Following the chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council’s uncalled for attack on the Campaign Against Antisemitism this week, people are asking: “With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

This question was answered by a plethora of known anti-Semites who took delight in following Simon Johnson’s leadership.

Perhaps the JLC should change its name to the anti-Jewish Leadership Council.

With one video, Mr Johnson has done more damage to the Jewish community than our enemies in the UK have ever achieved. He should resign.

Mark Lewis, By email