There just days left to have your say in Jewish News’ and the Jewish Leadership Council’s search for individuals set to define Anglo-Jewry in the decades to come.

We’re asking readers to nominate the individuals who should be included in our forthcoming Who’s Who of current and future high-flyers in two lists – Thirty Under 30 and Eighteen Under 18.

Nominations can come from across the country, making this a truly nationwide initiative, with the top places selected by a range of Jewish leaders in the worlds of politics, art, education and culture.

The process will culminate in the spring when Jewish News will publish the results of the judges’ deliberations.

We will reveal who has made the final cuts before the end of April, by which time older nominees should still be under 30.

For the Eighteen Under 18 category, nominees should still be 18 or under on 1 September 2017.

Eighteen Under 18 and Thirty Under 30