A former Labour candidate for Woking who was suspended for suggesting that ISIS should attack Israel has been re-admitted to the party and is now vice-chair of the constituency.

Vicky Kirby

Vicki Kirby

Vicki Kirby’s membership was put on-hold in 2014 after she posted a number of incendiary tweets about “the real oppressors” Israel, in which she said “Hitler now seems to be their teacher”.

At the time, Labour Friends of Israel welcomed her suspension, saying the tweets – in which Kirby called Hitler “the Zionist God” – were “utterly vile”.

During her online rant, Kirby said: “We invented Israel when saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher.” Later, she wrote: “I will never forget and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is!”

In another post, she said: “Apparently you can ask IS/ISIS/ISIL questions on ask.fm. Anyone thought of asking them why they’re not attacking the real oppressors #Israel?”

A Labour spokesperson said:  “Vicki Kirby was suspended from the Labour Party following comments on social media in 2014. Following her resignation as a Parliamentary candidate she received a warning from the NEC on her future conduct and the suspension was then lifted. If new evidence comes to light, the Labour Party will review that evidence and make sure the rules of the Party are upheld.”

Last week socialist Gerry Downing had his membership of the party revoked for the second time, after using a BBC TV appearance to lamblast “billionaire Zionist politicians” and “Israel’s heinous crimes”.