The Labour councillor who recently apologised unreservedly for causing offence to the Jewish community has been elected to stand as the party’s candidate in the South Suffolk by-election.

Luke Cresswell, from Labour’s socialist wing, was the subject of a party disciplinary process after posting images likening Israeli soldiers to Nazis and of a blood-soaked Star of David under the caption: “Moses would be proud of you.”

Cresswell said the posts were “unhelpful, crude and can be misconstrued,” adding: “I have made mistakes in what I have said in the past and, of course, I regret these.  It has never been my intention to offend or hurt anyone and I am sorry if my insensitive remarks have done so.”

In the coming weeks, he said he would be hosting the Labour Party’s training module on anti-Semitism, which is delivered by the Jewish Labour Movement, adding: “I welcome the opportunity to find ways to constructively and sensitively discuss the big issues of our day.”

A spokesman for Campaign Against Anti-Semitism said his posts were “clearly anti-Semitic, conflating extreme criticism of Israel with the Jewish religion”.