Kerem School won the Best Overall School prize at the Annual Etgar Challenge Quiz at Wembley Stadium, whilst Beit Shvidler scored the highest amount of points

Competing against 900 pupils from 27 UK Jewish primary schools and one school from Israel, the quiz focuses on a variety of topics, including the Jewish calendar, Jewish history, Israel, Jewish texts, mitzvot, brachot, Numbers/Gematriah and the Temple.

Shosh Hill, Kerem’s head of Jewish studies, said: “To have won the award is an absolutely outstanding achievement. Our pupils worked extremely hard and conscientiously all year and this has shown them that hard work really does pay off.”

Beit Shvidler (BSPS) was the other winner on the day, having scored the highest amount of points. One of the school’s teachers said: “BSPS are really delighted to have won Etgar. There were some very challenging questions this year so we are particularly proud of getting 97%, which was announced as a new record! It’s a real testament to the children’s and teachers’ efforts.”