Ken Livingstone has sparked a fresh controversy after he appeared on a Press TV show which discussed: “Has the Holocaust been exploited to oppress others?”

Appearing on Iranian state channel Press TV’s UK YouTube channel, host Roshan Muhammed Salih repeatedly made the claim that the Shoah has become ‘an industry’.

Inviting callers to phone in with their opinions, views expressed included that: “Hitler ‘was extremely fantastic’ for the creation of Israel, and “If it wasn’t for Hitler there would be no Israel.”

While Livingstone disagreed, telling the caller it was a ‘really bad thing to say, it’s deeply offensive to Jewish communities around the world”, he once again repeated his claim that Hitler worked with the Zionist movement to get people to move to Israel, saying: “I mean Hitler wanted to eliminate every Jew who was living inside Germany, and that’s what he did in the 1930s. He worked with the Zionist movement to move …to get 60000 to go. But it was about half a million and then he changed his policy and went for genocide.”

Condemning his appearance on the show, the CST tweeted: “CST condemns Ken Livingstone appearing on Iranian Press TV’s sick #HMD2018 programme, disgusting tone epitomised by presenter, “I don’t know if 6 million died or four million or two million died…no point arguing over figures is there Ken?” (Ken, “no credible alternative” to 6).”