By Fiona Leckerman, who tweets at @fionaleckerman 

'Allegiance' adapted from Israeli show 'The Gordon Cell'  to be aired as a series: MICE

‘Allegiance’ adapted from Israeli show ‘The Gordon Cell’, to be aired as a series: MICE (Image from Twitter)

The award winning Israeli espionage drama series MICE will be screened exclusively at JW3 as part of the Keshet TV Club.

MICE, (entitled Gordin Cell for its Israeli audiences), is a spy drama and suspense thriller in one, and will premier in the UK by Keshet Media, who brought us the acclaimed show ‘Prisoner of War’, which was in turn made into the exceptional series, Homeland.

Similarly MICE, (which stands for Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego) has been picked up by US network NBC and will be transformed into a series entitled Allegiance, set to air in 2015.

It will be written by George Nolfi who penned The Adjustment Bureau, The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean’s Twelve.

MICE is a fast passed, subtly witty, dark and engaging drama.

The characters are very quickly drawn and equally likeable and feared. 

It retains those moments felt in ‘Prisoner of War’ and ‘Homeland’, where you find yourself unable to breathe amidst the mounting tension.

It begins with a sub plot of the classic old cop young cop duo, who is investigating a brutal murder; their relationship brings some light relief to the intense drama about to unfold for the family at the centre of MICE.

The Gordin family are former Russian spies who moved to Israel to start a new life. All seems well, until they are traced by their former handler and under orders from the Resident, a sinister head of the Russian spy unit, to give up their son Eyal or become spies again themselves.

This opens up the space for an inner conflict in decorated war hero Eyal. Should he choose the country he loves and fights for or his family who have lied to him and betrayed him his whole life?

It is clear from the opening sequence that MICE has all the elements of a nail biting TV series.

It is no surprise that NBC have snatched it up and if ‘Allegiance’ retains the core of what MICE is then it is guaranteed to be a huge hit.

Keshet TV Club will screen MICE in bite size chunks at JW3 Cinema on the following days:

28th September at 3.30pm, episodes 1- 3

6th October episodes 4-6

24th November episodes 7-9

15th December, episodes 10-12.