Judaism’s “rich tradition in religious education” was praised by the communities minister, at the launch of a book to help GCSE religious studies students.

Lord Borne welcomed the introduction of a new resource from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, to assist teens studying the faith.

Speaking to more than 60 people at the launch, the minister said: “Religion and teaching have always gone hand in hand in Judaism. So it is no surprise, with such a rich tradition in religious education, that the Jewish community, led by the Board of Deputies, has taken the initiative and compiled a guide for teaching Judaism in the Religious Studies GCSE.”

The guide for students and teachers, gives an insight into Judaism, and is “designed to provide students with a broader and deeper understanding of the religion” to enhance “young people’s ability to help create cohesive communities”, according to Lord Borne.

Board chief executive Gillian Merron said: ” We’re particularly proud that this resource reflects the diversity of traditions within our community.”

The launch, which took place in London on Tuesday, was attended by author of the book Clive Lawton. He said users “can be utterly confident that the material offered is both accurate and delivered at a level suitable for exam success.”

It is available to download and buy here at a price of £9.99 (digital) and £14.99 (hard copy).