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My Soul Loves: Silver Spinning Ring with Gold Highlight
This superbly crafted sterling silver ring will be a treasured heirloom for generations!

Are you looking for some Jewish jewelry or perhaps a holiday gift?

The products below were selected based on Judaica Webstore's sales data - especially what UK shoppers are buying - to help you find popular products and save time shopping for gifts or Judaica.
In particular, those more popular with British shoppers are marked as such in the descriptions below (in addition to the UK Bestsellers category).

27 Reviews

Silver Star of David Necklace

Wear King David's sign - the classic symbol of Jewish pride - in this beautifully simple, non-ostentatious necklace.
Made from .925 Sterling Silver

233 Reviews

IDF Supporters' Bracelet

Show your support for the Israel Defences Forces, protecting the land of Israel and its citizens on the ground, at sea and in the air.

28 Reviews

AHAVA Dermud Intensive Hand Cream - SHAPE Mag Award Winner

Winner of SHAPE Magazine's annual Shape of Beauty Award in the Hand, Foot and Nail category. This extremely popular cream helps Brits deal with the skin-drying heating in offices and homes.

40 Reviews

Silver Name Necklace in Hebrew - Classic Type

Wear your name in Hebrew;! If you can't type in Hebrew, enter it in English and we will translate it or spell it phonetically in Hebrew for you.
Popular with UK shoppers!

4 Reviews

Marina Jewelry Four Jewish Charms Bracelet

This gorgeous charm bracelet effortlessly combines ancient symbolism with contemporary design! It includes four charms: a glossy red pomegranate, an interlocking Star of David, a Shema Yisrael pendant charm and a Hoshen charm.
Marina's charms are popular with UK shoppers.

17 Reviews

Priestly Blessing: Gold and Silver Star of David Ring

This stunning piece of handmade jewelry is a rare blend of physical beauty and spiritual power. Surrounding a breathtaking Star of David symbol, formed by an overlaying 9K gold plate, is the famous Biblical verse from the Priestly Blessing, Yevarechecha Hashem Veyishmerecha, Yaer Hashem Panav Elecha...

40 Reviews

AHAVA Extreme Day Cream - Reduces Wrinkles & Firms Skin

Time to Revitalize! Including Dead Sea minerals, date palm and Goji berry extracts, plus Iceland Moss, this Extreme Day Cream can help the skin in ways unlike any other skin care product.

Edom Black Mud soap
14 Reviews

Edom Black Mud Soap

Clean your hands without drying them out. Use Edom's Dead Sea mud-based soap (at least 25% Dead Sea mud) for a deep scrub that leaves your hands moisturized and full of minerals.
Very popular with UK shoppers!

21 Reviews

Edom Mineral Anti Wrinkle Cream Q10

Unique innovative face cream, enriched with Dead Sea minerals contains coenzyme Q10 to optimally control the visible signs of aging. It also contains mineral and vitamin rich plant oils from almond, pomegranate, and grape seeds combine to provide remarkably smooth, moisturized and nourished...

3 Reviews

Silver Kiddush Cup and Saucer with Golden Highlights

This gorgeous kiddush cup will add a touch of splendor to your table on the Sabbath and holidays, and to your mantel or display case the rest of the time! It's highly polished finish features Old Jerusalem scenes with golden highlights throughout, as well as on the matching saucer.
Popular with UK shoppers!

2 Reviews

Yealat Chen Silver Plated Shabbat Kodesh Stone Candlesticks

This beautiful set of silver plated Jewish Sabbath candlesticks features a modern shape and style adorned with an elegant silver plated motif. Heavy and stable, these candlesticks from up-and-coming judaica designer Yealat Chen will light up your Shabbat.

21 Reviews

Dorit Judaica Stainless Steel & Swarovski Stone Challah Board

This remarkable challah cutting board elegantly depicts cut out wheat stalks, while underneath reads the blessing for bread, "Ha-Motzi Lechem Min Ha-Aretz."...

27 Reviews

Traditional Pure Wool Tallit. Blue with silver stripes

Nothing says "tradition" like a Prima tallit! Serene and dignified for the most traditionally-minded worshippers.

Prima tallitot are manufactured from pure virgin ewe's wool, and are available in a range of classic colors: black, white, or blue

11 Reviews

Deluxe Ashkenazi Torah Scroll Replica - Extra Large

This amazing Torah scroll replica has the look and feel of the real thing. It contains the entire Torah text in its original script (including vowels) printed on high quality paper...

7 Reviews

Yair Emanuel Embroidered Silk Kippah - Stars of David

We are proud to present an exciting line of Artistic Judaica by Yair Emanuel.

This awesome machine embroidered silk kippah features a colorful Star of David motif in a stylishly decorative design. Available in multi-color or single color, this style is growing in the UK.

67 Reviews

Eden Handmade Leather Sandals

These stylish, handmade leather women's sandals feature a comfortably smooth base with a overlapping straps securing the foot. Available in brown, black, caramel, white.
Popular with UK shoppers.

203 Reviews

Israel Bracelet (Variety of Colors)

Show your support for Israel with this bracelet. The design features Israeli flags and the word Israel in English. Extremely popular in the UK, and often bought for oneself and a friend.

14 Reviews

Israel T-Shirt - Mossad. Black

Show your love and support for the defenders of Israel - as well as your sense of fun - with this great t-shirt featuring the word Mossad with a Star of David above the phrase The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations.

9 Reviews

Dorit Judaica Large Wall Hanging - Blessing for the Home

This gorgeous wall hanging is so wonderful, your home will never be the same! It contains the inscription (Hebrew): Be'bayit ze tishare simcha, briyut, parnasa, bracha, ve'shalom: May this home be blessed with happiness, health, wealth, and peace...

8 Reviews

Ahava (Love). Silver Pendant

In 1978, the American artist, Robert Indiana (b. 1928), created a 13-foot-tall steel sculpture in the spirit of international brotherhood to the people of Israel...

0 Reviews

24K Gold Plated Havdalah Set with Flowers

Expertly crafted from pewter and plated with 24K gold to stunning effect, this Havdalah set is guaranteed to add elegance and beauty to your Saturday night!...

5 Reviews

Mezuzah Parchment - Ashkenaz Beit Yosef Version

All the mezuzahs are hand written by an expert scribe on uncoated klaf shelil (parchment). They are kosher, to the finest standards and are proofread by an expert proofreader, before undergoing a computer check.

3 Reviews

Dorit Judaica Wall Hanging - Remember Jerusalem

This gorgeous wall hanging is so wonderful, your living room or office will never be the same! It features the Biblical verse from King David's wisdom, Im eshkachech Yerushalayim, tishkach yemini...

15 Reviews

Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Laser Cut Bowl - Jerusalem

Expertly crafted from pewter and plate dwith 24K gold to stunning effect, this Havdalah set is guaranteed to add elegance and beauty to your Saturday night!...

2 Reviews

Limited Edition Marc Chagall Mezuzah - Ten Commandments

This stunning mezuzah reaches a new level of style and beauty in Jewish ritual art. The unique 18-color painting features the Children of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments.
Popular in the UK.

0 Reviews

David Gerstein Signed Sculpture - Face to Face

Capture the artist's sense of childlike wonder and love of color and put it on your shelf! The beautiful and exciting art deco look of this piece will add a fantastic splash to whatever room it adorns! ...

0 Reviews

Limited Edition, Numbered Marc Chagall Lithograph

Marc Chagall (1887-1985) is among the most beloved, respected, and cherished visual artists in Jewish, Russian, and French history - and claimed by all three cultures as their own....

9 Reviews

Deluxe Illuminated Hebrew-English Torah

This luxurious book will be a real addition of beauty tradition to your home, or the home of someone you love! Covered with soft ornate leatherette, the inside will amaze you even more...

2 Reviews

The Koren Sacks Siddur (Hebrew / English)

Koren Publishers teamed up with the UK's former Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, for a delightful new commentary and translation on the Siddur.
Popular in the UK.

0 Reviews

Koren Reader's Tanakh Authoritative Edition: Handcrafted Brown Leather

The Koren Reader's Tanakh is the finest Tanakh available for public reading of the haftara. Its large, clear font facilitates easy reading, and its sturdy binding withstands years of weekly use...

3 Reviews

Galilee's Exclusive Boutique Red Wine Gift Box

This exclusive world class Argaman red wine gift box is from Galilee's, one of Israel's finest boutique wineries. It is hand-crafted with a blend of grapes from select vineyards throughout the hills...

1 Review

De Karina Handmade Pralines from Israel

This tempting box of chocolates contains 16 artisan pralines in a choice of eight tantalizing flavors: cappuccino, toffee, honey and cinnamon, nougat, vanilla, brandy cream, almond, and orange and Grand Marnier.

4 Reviews

Lin's Farm Pure Honey in Glass Apple Dish

This jar of delicous pure wild flower honey set inside a stylish apple shaped glass dish is absolutely perfect for your Rosh Hashanah table. Popular in the UK.

3 Reviews

Classic Ram's Horn Shofar - Large - Natural Unpolished

This is a ram's horn, known in Hebrew as a shofar. It's kosher for use, meaning amongst other things without cracks, plating etc. Popular in the UK.

0 Review

Jerusalem Stone Split Hanukkah Menorah

Boasting an unusual and bold design, this Hanukkah menorah will make a striking addition to your Hanukkah, and look fabulous in your home year round. Three distinct pieces are mounted...

0 Reviews

Yair Emanuel Wooden Passover Seder Plate: Jerusalem

This fantastic wooden seder plate will add a touch of regal splendor to your seder table! It features one of the key themes of the Passover night: Jerusalem, the goal of our redemption from slavery.
Popular in the UK