A former Labour parliamentary candidate has been suspended and is under investigation after anti-Semitic postings on Twitter.

Former Black Notley Parish Council leader John Clarke was criticised after endorsing a post online which said “The Rothschild Family” has used money lending and Israel to “take over the world.”

Claiming the post by ‘Tinnelle’ (@Tinnelle88) was “an oversimplified view of the world economy but containing a great deal of truth”, he was condemned as promoting anti-Semitic material by other users on the social media site.

A Labour Party official has since confirmed that the former Essex politician has been suspended from the party and is under investigation. Clarke also resigned as leader of the Parish Council.

Jeremy Newmark, Chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement said: “We welcome the speed with which the Party have moved to investigate this matter and trust that it will reach an appropriate conclusion as swiftly as possible.”

Joe Glasman, Head of Political Investigations at Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “John Clarke’s views are utterly abhorrent, but unfortunately they appear to be quite common within the increasingly racist Labour Party, which has been secretly readmitting members who were suspended over anti-Semitism. The Labour Party has not uttered a single word since we exposed Mr Clarke. We have repeatedly stated that we do not consider the Labour Party to be safe for Jews. Sadly for many in Labour, including Mr Clarke, accusations of anti-Semitism are like water off a duck’s back, or worse, a badge of honour.”

The councillor promoted the tweet, which was headlined “Israel owns the senate, Congress and the Executive” of America… but who owns Israel?”. The text of the post read: “The Rothschild Family.. has been creating almost all of the world’s money at interest for a couple of hundred years”.

It added they “have used usury (money lending) alongside modern Israel as a imperial instrument to take over the world and all of it’s [sic] resources, including you and I… and if you have a problem with that, you’re and anti-Semite.”

The endorsement of the post by John Clarke, which was followed by a denial he was anti-Semitic

The endorsement of the post by John Clarke, which was followed by a denial he was anti-Semitic

Challenged by users about the post, Clarke, who was the chair of Whitham branch of Labour, and was the constituency’s prospective parliamentary candidate, repeatedly denied being anti-Semitic.

After sending the tweet, he was challenged, and replied by saying: “It would appear I am being called Antisemitic… I can assure you I am NOT”.



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Probed further he said: “I agree original account probably Antisemitic. I am anti-Rothschild not Antisemitic. End of.”

He added: “Antisemite smear in constant overuse as those who use it expand their power base”, and that he objects to “Rothschild & co. against their greed, monopolistic exploitations & unchecked power.”

He concluded by saying he would block those who “accuse me of Antisemitism merely to close down legitimate criticism of Israel &/or Rothschild family. End of.