JFS has been demoted from grade one 'outstanding' to grade three 'requires improvement'.

JFS was been demoted from grade one ‘outstanding’ to grade three ‘requires improvement’.

A senior Ofsted inspector has said that Kenton secondary school JFS is working hard to address concerns after a poor report earlier this year, when it dropped from “outstanding” to “requires improvement”.

Speaking after a scheduled visit, Ofsted’s Mark Phillips said: “Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement.”

Despite the encouraging words, headteacher Jonathan Miller recognised “there is still more to do” after a two-day inspection in July concluded that “behaviour and safety requires improvement”.

The report also raised questions about the school’s governance, saying leaders were unable to monitor behaviour and governors were unable to challenge what they were told. “The Ofsted report was understood and accepted by senior leaders and governors,” said Phillips.

“Together, they have acted professionally and resolutely to tackling the areas for improvement.”