© Mike Poloway/+44(0)1618503338 / mike@poloway.com.  Amport House, Andover. 8-10 January 2016.  Annual HM Forces Jewish Moral Leadership Course and Reunion.

(Photo credit: © Mike Poloway ) Annual HM Forces Jewish Moral Leadership Course and Reunion.

Serving Jewish military personnel from NATO countries around the world have celebrated a rare Shabbat dinner near Andover.

 Senior British officers representing the Army, Navy and Air Force joined counterparts from the United States, Germany and Holland at the annual Armed Forces Jewish Families Weekend at the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre in Hampshire.

Jewish Chaplain, Padre (Rabbi) Reuben Livingstone, who holds the rank of major, delivered services designed to appeal to people of all shades of Judaism, while other speakers spoke about religious, cultural and military-interest topics.

“For many it is the only full Shabbat experience they are likely to enjoy for some months due to postings and locations,” explained Col. Martin Newman, chairman of the Jewish Committee for HM Forces.

“You could describe it as our very own military Limmud. This year was very special as we had so many overseas participants from other NATO forces.”

He added that Livingstone’s work was “essential to enable isolated members of the services to identify with their Jewish heritage and continue to practice their faith, often in difficult and dangerous circumstances”.