A Jewish Ukrainian concert pianist who has lost a family court fight over his teenage son said he plans to appeal.

The man, whose father survived the Holocaust, said he thinks the decision to take the 13-year-old boy from his care is “inhumane”.

A judge has ruled that the teenager must live with foster carers – and the man has been told that he can only only see the boy six times a year.

The case has been analysed at private family court hearings in Kent.

Detail of Judge Veronica Hammerton’s decision on the boy’s future emerged earlier this month.

Judges have ruled that the boy cannot be identified.

But social services staff involved in the case work for Medway Council, which is based in Chatham, Kent.

The man had been caring for his son until earlier this year. The whereabouts of the boy’s mother, who is from Thailand, are unknown.

But in April the boy was removed from home, taken into police protection and then placed with foster carers.

Judges were told of concerns about unsuitable home conditions.

“I am going to appeal,” the pianist said. “The decision is inhumane.”