JFS and JCoSS have confirmed permanent capacity expansion to cater for increased demand.

The schools combined will offer an additional 90 places from September 2018 entry onwards – 30 at JCoSS and 60 at JFS, providing funding can be agreed.

In a joint statement JFS executive headteacher Deborah Lipkin and JCoSS headteacher Patrick Moriarty said: “We know there is a great deal of uncertainty and many anxious families among our community. From the research that has been carried out by JPR and others, it is likely that approximately 90 additional school places are needed from 2018 for children who wish to attend a Jewish school.  We believe that our proposed expansion strategy would solve this under-capacity and would have a positive impact on the long term sustainability of Jewish schools.”

Both schools will continue to seek additional investment from local and central government alongside private donations.

Hasmonean’s recently announced building plans also included capacity for additional places.