A young Jewish saxophonist from Finchley is incorporating a “very special dedication” to a Holocaust survivor into his upcoming performance in Whetstone on 2 April.

Joe Leader, who has performed all over the world, added the Chopin Reminiscence Nocturne to his latest show and described the “special significance” of Chopin’s dedication to his sister.

“When I was researching it, trying to understand the meaning behind it, I realised that it was actually played by a violinist in one of the concentration camps in Nazi Germany during World War Two,” he explained.

“She played it so beautifully that the Kommandant of the camp spared her life above all, and she survived the war by playing that piece, really music saved her life. So it was of such great significance to me to play this, I had such feeling for it, such emotion, that it was just really special for me to put that in the show.”

Joe’s performs ‘Havenly Sax’ at the Haven Bistro & Bar together with his 7-piece band on Wednesday 2 April. For further details go to www.joeleader.com/events