A screenshot of the poll on the Jewish News homepage

A screenshot of the poll on the Jewish News homepage

A Jewish News poll of more than 350 readers has shown a near 50:50 split in the number of people who think Israel’s actions in Gaza were disproportionate.

The survey showed that 46% of respondents felt that IDF action in the Palestinian territory was “disproportionate”, while 54% disagreed.

As well as splitting the community, the issue has also split the country and the government, but both Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond have so far declined to criticise Israel’s actions.

Alex Brummer, Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews expressed his distress over the findings.

‘The findings of the Jewish News poll on the proportionality of Israel’s response to Hamas’ terror attacks from Gaza are a matter of great concern.

 “Israel may have been successful in achieving its military goals in Gaza but in the process lost the war of interpretation in the media, among the chattering classes and even in parts of the Jewish community.

“When the full story of the campaign is unearthed it is highly likely that we will find that the numbers of civilian lives lost in Gaza have been vastly inflated, as in past conflicts, and the siting by Hamas of tunnels and rocket launchers in heavily populated areas contributed to the terrible loss of life and a humanitarian tragedy.’

“We must all pray that after this needless conflict both Israel and the Palestinians – including Hamas – will recognise the futility of conflict and find some way to put the past behind them return to the negotiating table and pursue a genuine two state solution.”