The guys in MUJU enjoying a photoshoot..

The guys in MUJU enjoying a photoshoot..

A theatre group comprising Jews and Muslims are about to celebrate their tenth anniversary by performing their first major stage production.

The MUJU Crew, directed by Andrea Tuijten and Salman Siddiqui, will take the stage at the Tricycle Theatre for a week from 27 July, a year after last year’s war in Gaza polarised opinions.

The interfaith group decided to lighten the mood through comedy in their new show, called ‘Come In! Sit Down!’ which features a security check-point at Brent Cross and terrorists being de-radicalised through yoga.

Audience members will also get to sing along with a hip hop rabbi and take tea with Fatima and her four husbands.

Theatre bosses described the new production as “mixed with MUJU’s trademark cheeky dose of crucial conversations from home and abroad are hilarious songs written with Dave Cohen (Horrible Histories) and Chris Cookson”.

“No-one likes being preached to, but with comedy you can get people to laugh together,” said Siddiqui. “The arts can explore political issues in a way that helps understand them, even when the political situation is not something we have much control over as individuals.”

The group said there was a need for greater understanding and dialogue now more than ever, citing a rise in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, but that it’s not just a talk-shop.

“It’s not about getting Muslims and Jews to talk about their differences,” they said. “We never begin with a context of talking; we begin with doing something creative together.”