A Jewish resident of Tottenham was subject to a verbal anti-Semitic attack, which was condemned by local MP David Lammy.

A man and woman were reported to have shouted abuse including “no one likes your people”, “you c**t, you Jewish pr**k” and that the victim would be “turned into ashes”.

Following the incident on 28 July, police were alerted by local neighbourhood watch group Shomrim, after the victim was too scared to come forward according to the International Business Times,

The police reportedly begun an investigation, whilst Labour MP David Lammy took to Twitter to condemn the attack “abhorrent, disgusting and vile.”

He said: “I stand with you against this anti-Semitic abuse and will raise with MPS Haringey”.

The Seven Sisters police team also tweeted “This is being fully investigated by your team. We take this kind allegation very seriously & will not tolerate it.”

A spokesperson from the Community Security Trust commented: “One wonders how many similar incidents go unreported, but it seems to fit an emerging picture of basic street level racism that Jews are suffering, as are other minority groups at present.”