Robert De Jonge and Roberta Moore at Highbury Corner Magistrates'.

Robert De Jonge and Roberta Moore at Highbury Corner Magistrates’.

A woman from a far-right Jewish group has had assault charges against her dropped.

Roberta Moore from the Jewish Defence League (JDL) had been one of two people found guilty of assault after she clashed with members of Haringey Justice for Palestinians at a literary festival in September.

Together with Robert de Jonge, Moore attacked Simon Assaf and Andy Simons, with Moore attacking the men with farb gel, a non-toxic defence spray.

With both sides calling the other “thugs,” a judge ruled on Friday that farb gel was legal, meaning the charges were dropped.

This week Moore took to the JDL website to accuse Simons of lying under oath, calling his “despicable” and “a filthy piece of human garbage,” while calling Assaf “a coward” and alleging that he physically assaulted her.

In a video recording of the incident, both Moore and the pony-tailed De Jonge can be seen confronting the group after ripping down a banner on a stage.