Robert De Jonge and Roberta Moore at Highbury Corner Magistrates'

Robert De Jonge and Roberta Moore at Highbury Corner Magistrates’

Jewish Defence League activist Roberta Moore and her partner Robert De Jonge were sentenced to community service at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court today for a number of assaults at at a Palestine solidarity event last year, writes Matei Clej.

Moore, 43, of Cricklewood was found guilty of assaulting Simon Assaf and Andy Simons, attendees at the Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival, by spraying them with a ‘Farb’ defensive spray, after a trial at Highbury Corner on 3rd March.

De Jonge, 36, also of Cricklewood, had pleaded guilty to assault on the basis that he accidentally hit Mr Simons with a rolled-up piece of paper while intervening to defend Moore, but was ruled by the judge to have hit Simons intentionally in the same trial.

Speaking through his solicitor, De Jonge denied having any political affiliations and maintained that he had become involved in the fracas in trying to defend Moore.

Noting De Jonge’s previous good character, the District Judge ordered him to complete a 12 month Community Order with a requirement that he complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

He was also ordered de Jonge to pay costs and compensation amounting to £360.

Moore, who represented herself, spoke to maintain her innocence and indicated an intention to appeal against her conviction.

She also denied being a political activist or having any connection to the EDL or Jewish Task Force (JTF).

The district judge also sentenced Roberta Moore to a 12 month Community Order requiring her to complete 150 hours of unpaid work. She was ordered to pay a full £720 in compensation and trial costs on account of having an income.