A Jewish dad has become an Instagram hit after posting a series of photos of him and his baby daughter in a variety of poses, garnering 133,000 online followers.

Sholom Ber Solomon – @sbsolly – who describes himself as a “silliness enthusiast” on the photo-sharing site, took a series of pictures of him and his daughter Zoe, dressing her up as a flower, a bucket of KFC chicken, a fireman, a shark, a monkey and a gnome, among others.

The larger-than-life dad from California, whose distinctive bearded face and eleven-month old Zoe’s beaming smile have delighted internet users for months, has been posting funny photos since before his daughter’s birth.

Feeding time at the zoo 🍌🐵🍌!! #potassiumlife #monkeyseemonkeyeat #nopoopforaweek

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