Jewish Care has signed a deal to supply kosher food to hospitals.

Working in partnership with the Hospital Kosher Meals Service [HKM], the charity will provide specialist meals to patients within the M25.

The food has been designed for people who suffer from dysphagia, a difficulty in swallowing, and are the first range of kosher reformed pureed meals on offer in the UK.

They have been tested and meet nutritional requirements necessary to aide recovery.

The hospital food range has been developed following discussions between Jewish Care, HKM and NHS food supplier Medirest.

The launch range will include five different meals which are meat and vegetarian parav, packaged in a double wrapped container to ensure kashrut and labelled with instructions for hospital staff to either microwave or reheat in a regeneration oven. All food is glatt kosher.

Jewish Care’s chief executive Simon Morris said: “This is an exciting day for all of us at Jewish Care. Thanks to support from Hospital Kosher Meals, hospital patients will be served kosher specialist food that not only tastes food good but importantly provides them with the nutrition to aide their recovery.”

Hospital Kosher Meals Service’s Michael Freedman said: “We have struggled for many years to be able to produce an acceptable range of kosher puree meals and we are delighted to have achieved this in conjunction with Jewish Care. It represents a significant improvement in the range of food which we provide to Jewish hospitalised patients.”