Daniel Taub pictured with David Cameron.

Daniel Taub pictured with David Cameron.

Former Israeli ambassador Daniel Taub has been reprimanded for” security breaches” relating to “late-night” visits of individuals to his St. John’s Wood residence in London, the Guardian has reported.

London-born Taub, who was returned to Israel last year despite applying to stay, had earlier this week been subject to online rumours, after Israeli journalists reported on the nature of those visits. Jerusalem officials dismissed the speculation as “disgusting”.

Taub, who is married with six children, returned to Israel to take up a senior advisory position at the Foreign Ministry, after reportedly being questioned about the late-night visits, which are understood to have continued after officials spoke to him.

The ministry told the Guardian that it “expressed disgust at the publication of untruthful allegations regarding one of the finest members of its foreign service”.

It added: “Following a thorough investigation by the inspector general, it was determined that there had been no criminal or disciplinary wrongdoing and that the issue related to a breach of security protocol. The issue has been addressed and concluded.”

Taub, an expert in international law, served as ambassador to the UK between 2011 and 2015, and applied for a year’s extension, but was returned to Israel. He will be replaced by Mark Regev, the Israeli prime minister’s foreign language spokesman.