Israel’s acting ambassador in the UK, addressed tens of thousands of Christians at a major festival in London.

Eitan Na’eh spoke to 50,000 of Christians at a London event, and via live broadcast, during the incredible Festival of Life, at the Excel centre, over the weekend.

He was guest of Pastor Adeboye and Redeemed Christian Church of God, with Tens of thousands of Christians showing their appreciation for Israel and Peace.

During his address, he said “you can visit Israel, where the holy bible comes to life. Come to Jerusalem the holy city, come to the holy places “, before he invites “all the people here” to “come and experience Israel.”

You can watch his address here – Click here.

Na’eh told Jewish News: “In these times of Palestinian incitement to violence, to preaching death over life, it was great to see with my own eyes this enormous group of people, 50,000 men and women, Christians, supporters of Israel, expressing their love and friendship to our country; preaching for the love of life and fellow man.

People for whom religion is a tool to spread life and friendship, not hatred, incitement and murder.”