A young Israeli woman has told of how she was gang-raped in a remote Himalayan town in northern India after hailing a car.

The woman, who is 25, said the incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday after she became separated from her two friends in Manali.

She told investigators that a car carrying six men pulled over and offered her a lift. However, two men are then alleged to have raped her in the car.

The victim, who said her friends had earlier left her, was taken to Manali hospital for a medical examination, but was transferred to a bigger hospital after asking for more tests to be done. Police confirmed that they are checking CCTV footage in search of the perpetrators, who drove an unlicensed vehicle.

She is the third female tourist to have been raped in the region in recent years, and international pressure has led Indian leaders to increase the sentences of offenders, who are often not caught.