An Israeli soldier sustained moderate injuries from a Palestinian who stabbed him while wearing what appeared like an explosive vest, the media in Israel reported.

The incident, in which other soldiers shot the suspected terrorist, causing him serious injuries, occurred Friday near Ramallah, where Israel Defence Forces and Border Police troops were confronting rioters, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation reported.

The soldiers fired several rounds at the suspected terrorist upon noticing he was wearing what they thought to be an explosive vest.

Last week, two Palestinians were killed and hundreds more were wounded in widespread riots following President Donald Trump’s declaration that the United States recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In its monthly report on terrorist attacks in November, the Israel Security Agency listed 84 attacks – a slight increase over October’s 71 attacks, which was the lowest tally on the record since 2012. The tally for November is still significantly lower than the average of 125 incidents per month since 2012.

Protesters in Nablus in the West Bank waved Hamas flags at a demonstration in that city earlier this week. In Hebron, protesters waved posters of  Trump depicted as a pig and emblazoned with a Nazi swastika.