A police investigation has recommended indicting the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over misuse of state funds and inflated household spending, according to media reports.

Channel 2 TV and other outlets reported police believe they have enough evidence to bring Sara Netanyahu to trial. It is said she used state funds to care for her late father and over-billed for meals.

In a statement, police announced the end of their investigation but offered few details. A police spokesman would not comment further.

Mr Netanyahu denied the allegations in a Facebook post.

He said: “In the police statement there was no recommendation to bring Mrs Netanyahu to trial. In contrast to reports, Mrs Netanyahu did not commit any crime.”

The Netanyahus have long faced scrutiny over their spending and have fended off accusations their lifestyles are out of touch with ordinary Israelis.

Sara Netanyahu, in particular, has been accused of using government funds to support her expensive tastes as well as alleged abusive behaviour towards staff.

In February, a former employee won a court case against her alleging he was subjected to abusive language and insults.