The Israeli government has slammed an Amnesty UK report documenting how Israeli forces fired on medical workers in Gaza as “misleading and mistaken”.

The study, published on Thursday, showed “a disturbing picture of hospitals and health professionals coming under attack by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip,” according to the human rights group.

The destruction in Gaza's Shijaiyah neighbourhood.

The destruction in Gaza’s Shijaiyah neighbourhood.

However, a stinging rebuke from the Israeli embassy labelled the findings as “one-sided,” adding that Amnesty’s inability to verify Hamas actions was “outrageous”.

An embassy statement said: “Amnesty turns a blind eye to hard evidence, including video footage documenting Hamas’ use of ambulances and medical facilities in order to conduct military activities… It renders its motivation questionable.”

It comes after the non-governmental organisation said it had “received reports that the Israeli army repeatedly fired at clearly-marked ambulances with flashing emergency lights and paramedics wearing recognisable fluorescent vests while carrying out their duties”.

Palestinian officials say at least six ambulance workers and 13 aid workers were killed as they tried to rescue the wounded and collect the dead, and that at least 49 doctors, nurses and paramedics were also injured by such attacks.

At least five hospitals and 34 clinics were forced to shut down due to damage from Israeli fire, but the IDF has consistently accused Hamas of using these protected areas for military purposes in order to shield itself from strikes.