An Israeli crowd-funding platform launching next month is to raise zero-interest loans for “ventures with a social impact” in Jewish communities around the world.

LivinGift, headed by the former chairman of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, is already open for applications, and will consider anyone showing “social or environmental impact, a sustainable and profitable economic model and a fixed income”.

Founder logo, a public relations manager, said: “Significant social problems can only be solved over time by organisations that have



a sustainable economic model… It is not a new idea for the Jewish people.”

Traditional Jewish charity funds – GAMACH – work on the same idea of zero-interest loans to those in need, said Eden, but this new platform “uses technology to accomplish those ideas”.

The team will evaluate the social impact and credit rating of every applicant, and will offer marketing and public relations assistance to the best.

“We would love to spread the word among social businesses within the Jewish communities from all over the world,” said LivinGift’s Natalie Kachan.