An Israeli-Arab teenager, forced to go into hiding with his mother after publicly expressing support for Israel was guest speaker at Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue.

Mohammad Zoabi

Mohammad Zoabi

Mohammad Zoabi, 17, visited five synagogues and schools as part of a tour organised and sponsored by United Synagogues Living and Learning Department.

Introducing himself as an ‘Israeli, Muslim, Arab Zionist’, he described his mother, Sarah, as an “amazing woman and influence on his life”, who had supported him unconditionally.

Growing up in Nazareth as part of a secular Muslim family, Mohammad went public with his views prior to Operation Protective Edge when three Israeli boys, who were later found murdered, went missing.

He made a video with an Israeli flag as a backdrop which said: ‘You better bring back our boys’.

This public stance saw his life threatened which led to him fleeing to America where he was given refuge by a Christian family.