Ambassador Taub speaks to University of Glasgow Friends of Israel

Ambassador Taub speaks to University of Glasgow Friends of Israel (Embassy of Israel, London)

Israel’s Ambassador’s visit to Scotland has been heralded as a victory for free speech, by students, academics and local community members.

Ambassador Daniel Taub engaged with students at the University of Glasgow, in addition to meeting academics, local politicians and the community.

He was also interviewed by local and International press, including Israel’s channel 10.

Ambassador Taub speaks to Glasgow's Jewish community (Embassy of Israel, London)

Ambassador Taub speaks to Glasgow’s Jewish community (Embassy of Israel, London)

Professor of Global Security Studies, Peter Jackson said, “It has been a grand success to have such a high calibre speaker on the topic of negotiation.

“We are for free speech and should be encouraging it. I would rather see students passioned about politics and it was a great opportunity for students to have their questions on the issues answered. I could not be happier with how the session went.”

Embassy of Israel, LondoN

Ambassador Taub meets with University Deputy Vice Chancellor and other University Academics (Embassy of Israel, London)

Another student, President of the Glasgow University Conservative & Unionist Association, John Lindberg, also said It was an ‘honour’ to meet Ambassador Taub.

“A lot of interesting topics were covered in the enlightening discussions, including my grave concerns regarding the evident rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.”

“I am very pleased that the event could take place and that the University ensured that the principles of freedom of speech were upheld.”