An IDF humanitarian mission arrived in Bogo City in the Philippines on Wednesday to assist victims of the deadly typhoon.

The IDF humanitarian mission in Bogo City.

The IDF humanitarian mission in Bogo City.

The mission, headed by Col. Ramtin Sabati, who commands the National Rescue Unit,  features  medical staff and a field hospital and is heading out to  storm-stricken areas, where more than 10,000 people have so far perished.

The mission  is led by Col. Dr. Dudu Dagan, Deputy Chief Medical Corp Officer, who will act as commander of the field hospital.

Much of the 7,000-island archipelago has been left in ruins after one of the biggest typhoons ever recorded swept over the low-lying islands, reducing homes to rubble.

As the death toll from Typhoon Haiyan climbed well into the thousands, Jewish leaders said the community owed it to the islands to do what they could, recalling how the country helped save more than one thousand Jews during the Holocaust.