The Flashmob

The Flashmob

Israel’s supporters took their fight against Qatar’s funding of Hamas to the London embassy of the tiny Gulf state.

Israeli and British grassroots groups led a Mayfair ‘flashmob’ on Friday, and a much larger Sunday protest of more than 100 people aimed at Hamas’ financial backers.

Activists urged world football authorities to “show Qatar the red card” in reference to the wealthy Arab country’s choice as World Cup host in 2022.

“It’s time to blow the whistle on Qatar and stop the charade of the World Cup being given to them,” said media lawyer Mark Lewis.

The initiative, which marks the start of a campaign against the emirate, was organised by the Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI) and the new Israeli Forum Task Force (IFTF), angry at Qatar’s funding of Islamist groups such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mark Lewis speaking

Mark Lewis speaking

During the flashmob, IFTF’s second in two months, 20 activists dressed in orange jumpsuits highlighted the state’s links to terrorist groups, something a petition also sought to address.

“Qatar’s financial contribution (to Hamas) was not used to set up hospitals, housing and schools, nor was it used to build bomb shelters and install warning systems for the Gazan people,” read the petition.

“It was used to acquire and produce missiles, build terror tunnels and train children as fighters.”

Lawyer, Mark Lewis spoke at the protest, after the initial flashmob:

Qatar is the biggest supplier of natural gas and has the highest per capita income in the world. The protest was vocal and extended beyond just SFI and IFTF: