Eighty-three world Jewish leaders from six continents have signed a diaspora commitment to the state of Israel to mark the country’s 70th anniversary.

The declaration, hand delivered this week to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, was initiated by the World Jewish Congress, which says it has “immense pride and admiration for Israel’s remarkable and inspiring achievements over the course of the past seven decades”. It offers “steadfast and unwavering support for Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and its centrality to the Jewish people.”

WJC president Ronald Lauder said: “This manifesto is a declaration of our promise to continue to defend and promote the Jewish state, and to stand by and assist in ensuring its bright and secure future”.

President Rivlin told the delegation which presented the declaration — styled following the format of the 1948 Declaration of Independence —“At the root of our relationship as the Jewish people there is one simple, absolute understanding that must prevail: our mutual responsibility for one another; our commitment to the security, liberty, and welfare of every member of our people. This commitment must be stronger than any disagreement”.