A still from the video

A still from the video

by Stephen Oryszczuk

Islamic State has released a video in Hebrew promising to kill Jews, in a chilling development that pitches the terror group directly against Israel.

During the slick 16-minute propaganda video, the voice says in fluent Hebrew that “not a single Jew will remain in Jerusalem and Palestine,” before adding: “The real war has not yet started.”

The group known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh has been a worry to Israel’s security services, but its territorial concentration is in north-east Syria and Iraq, with other groups operating north of Israel, near the Golan Heights.

However, military planners will now be taking notice of the group’s first specific threat to the Israeli public, and will be studying the video for clues.

In it, a masked gunman says: “Everything that has happened so far is child’s play compared to what will happen in the near future… Imagine tens of thousands from all over the world coming to slaughter you and throw you in the garbage.”

He goes on to claim the group will break through the borders created by the 1916 Skyes-Picot Agreement.