Journalist Jonathan Freedland and two MPs will spearhead an initiative between churches and synagogues in which the families of Jews and Palestinians killed in the Middle East conflict discuss how to “export peace”.

Labour MP Tulip Siddiq and Labour MP Catherine West will join members of the Parents Circle Family Forum in May, when bereaved parents will travel to the UK to promote reconciliation as an alternative to revenge.

“With so much violence, hatred and suspicion in the world, there is a critical need for different faith groups to come together,” said Revd Peter Colwell, Deputy General Secretary of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

“This is no less true that in relation to Israel-Palestine, where Jews and Christians often disagree, and cause each other pain in that disagreement. This approach aims to build bridges and create a sense of hope.”

The Board of Deputies, which is partnering Churches Together, described Invest in Peace initiative as being “the first of its kind initiative at a national level,” adding that it would promote peace-building projects.

“While geopolitics shouldn’t define the relationship between Britain’s different religious groups, we often find faith communities at loggerheads on the Middle East and taking stances which cause division between us,” said Board vice-president Marie Van der Zyl.

“This presents an opportunity for Christian and Jewish communities to export peace rather than importing the conflict.”